Friday, January 10, 2014

Johnny Naked Featured in Solo Exhibition Opens at Los Angeles Center For Digital Art January 9, 2014 Photography and Review by GInger Van Hook

Johnny Naked celebrates the opening of his latest exhibition in DownTown Los Angeles with his supporters and friends.

There is a  dreamlike quality to the photographs exhibited by Johnny Naked
 in his exhibition titled  "Digital Taoism". Creating works revealing and honoring the human figure, natural in all its elegant beauty, Johnny Naked takes a serious approach to the traditional nude and elevates the quality of naked photography with all the tools available in the digital realm
 to enhance the viewer's intimate experience with the artwork.
 Johnny Naked has set his subjects, all attractive models from a cross section of society, in a juxtaposition with nature in the western landscape of the Los Angeles skyline with all the imminent powers of mother nature present in the ominous clouds, the colors ablaze with sunsets and sunrises, rock formations of the rugged California desert, tumbleweeds, boulders and cityscapes in the distance. In Johnny Naked's photographs, mounted on canvas, the human form becomes part of that landscape with a poise and playfulness entertaining the eye and painting the of pictures of sensuality, fear, longing and joy across windblown valleys and hilltops above a bustling urban metropolis below.

More info:

If you were unable to make the Opening, 
the gallery is regularly open Wednesday thru Saturday, 
from Noon to 5 PM. The show will be up until March 1st.

Gallery Phone Number: (323) 646-9427

(Please note: For those of you familiar with LACDA, please keep in mind that they recently moved to a space on 4th Street. It's just behind Pete's Cafe. Enter off 4th Street.)

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
104 E. 4th St., Los Angeles, California 90013
Enjoying a flourishing DownTown Los Angeles Artwalk on a Thursday night 
The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art presents an exhibition of the figure in artistic perspective, featuring photographer, artist and film-maker, Johnny Naked.



Saturday, October 12, 2013

Brewery ArtWalk October 12th - 13, 2013


Participating LAAA Artists include: Kristine Schomaker and Randi Hokett.  We hope you will join us in what will prove to be a lovely weekend.
Brewery Arts Complex Artwalk -Fall 2013: Free and open to the public
October 12 & 13, the Brewery Arts Complex is pleased to feature some of the most pioneering artists in the Los Angeles area at its semi-annual Brewery Artwalk. Located northeast of downtown, off 5 Freeway at the Main Street exit, sits 18 acres of creative energy, artistic dreams, and a little piece of historic LA. (  Housed in the industrial buildings of the complex is a uniquely vibrant and creative community. Roughly 500 artists live and work at The Brewery and for 30 years, they have opened their studios to the public for an annual Artwalk. In recent years, the walk has expanded to twice a year.
Resident artists have been experimenting with 3D printing, immersive 3D environments, LED light sculpture, high tech and high class furniture design, contemporary fashion and environmental design, new media, computer and digital art, performance art as well as painting, photography, ceramics, sculpture, glass works, printmaking and street art.
A functional brewery from 1897 through 1979, the Brewery Arts Complex began its second life in 1982 when the city of Los Angeles passed the Artist-In-Residence law, a housing code that gave artists the right to rent live/work space in industrially zoned buildings.
In July 1997, the LA Weekly called The Brewery, "the world's largest artist-in-residence community" and in a March 1999 Los Angeles Times article The Brewery was quoted as the "world's largest art complex."
The Brewery Artwalk is the most popular public art event in Los Angeles and it's FREE! Whether you are an art collector, want to buy unique fine art gifts, browse for new decorative ideas, or discover the next Warhol, come enjoy an exciting afternoon in the heart of LA’s art scene…  Come to the Brewery Artwalk!
Dates October 12-13
Time 11am – 6pm
For more information:

Brewery Artwalk Association
2100 No. Main Street #A10,
Los Angeles, CA 90031

Kristine Schomaker
New media/performance artist and painter

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New art gallery opens with great success in Downtown Los Angeles. PhotoJournal by Ingrid Dietrich 2012

The Medallion. 334 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA. 
Opening date: Thursday, September 13, 2012

Curators Arierl Rucker and Jose Acosta

HIDEOUT X GALLERY is located in the heart of the Historic Downtown Los Angeles. The creators recently opened  the doors to the public during the "Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk," September 13, 2012.

My experience at the gallery during the opening night was both relaxing and insightful.
The gallery ambiance was relaxed and inviting. Wood panels, and wooden boxes were being used to hold the art pieces. The gallery embellishments ranged from dimmed light bulbs (handcrafted by Jose Acosta), to pieces of colorful fabrics hanging from the roof, to a vintage sewing machine. At the end of the main room, a movie projection was being featured. To the left, fashion designers were displaying their creations. A cozy couch decorated with coffee bean sacks, served as a rest pit for the art gallery visitors. A feeling of comfort and relaxation made me want to stay a little bit longer and appreciate every art piece.

The creators and curators are Jose Acosta and Ariel Rucker, two young artists who graduated from OTIS College of Art and Design. Ariel graduated with a degree in Digital Media with an emphasis on illustration and concept art. Jose graduated with a degree in Digital Media, and later, he specialized on art related subjects such as toy design, drawing, and painting. Their extraordinary idea was to create a place where starting-talented-artists could have the opportunity to exhibit their work. They believe that talented artists deserve equal opportunities, no matter their social or economic status. 

The Art was unique and multifaceted in design and presentation.
The Art exhibition on September 13, 2012 (opening night) included paintings, drawings, book illustrations, fashion designs, product designs, photography, installation, and  unique handcrafted creations.

Youthful and innovating are two words that come to mind when I try to describe this gallery. HIDEOUT X Gallery is a hidden gem, a place where creativity, self expression, and brilliant ideas turn into life.

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Jenelle Casares and Ingird Dietrich. Photographers
Photograph by Ginger Van Hook©2012.

Diana Huang. Artist, animator, painter.

Report and photography by Ingrid Dietrich©2012.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

LA ART SHOW Jan 19-23 LA Convention Center Features Special Program CHINA TODAY PhotoJournal by Ginger Van Hook

Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825 presents FLORA KAO'S GHOST GROVE.
Referencing Chinese landscape painting, Ghost Grove employs fabric, paint
 and light to simulate the airy play of light and shadow
that is an integral component of the outdoor experience of trees.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2011
Flora Kao, Fine Artist and Creator of GHOST GROVE.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2011
Artist Elizabeth Tobias brings her friend and loyal cupcake project partner to support Flora Kao.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2011

Luke Van Hook attends LA ART SHOW to support Flora Kao and
her installation of GHOST GROVE.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2011

Flora Kao with her husband Justin Warerooke.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2011

Artist Luke Van Hook, Artist Jim Morphesis with
the Author of "How to Get Hung" as well as  Gallery owner, Molly Barnes of
Molly Barnes Gallery in Santa Monica, California
attend the LA ART SHOW January 19, 2011
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2011
David Datuna's art installation entitled CHAOTIC PAST
is a fervent expression of stacked dishwashers
with dishes spilling out onto the floor.
Although the assemblage appears chaotic, it is a commentary on urban archeology.
This exhibition is presented by the Westwood Gallery.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2011
David Datuna exhibits a creation involving the American Flag
made out of reading glass lenses to give the audience a magnification of our cultural landscape.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook
Flora Kao and Ginger Van Hook amid the trees
 in Ghost Grove at the LA ART SHOW
 Downtown Los Angeles Convention Center
 January 19, 2011 Photo by Luke Van Hook©2011
January 19-23, 2011/ LA CONVENTION CENTER
LAARTSHOW.COM information 310-822-9145
Opening Ceremonies for the LA ART SHOW. Los Angeles, California
January 19, 2011. Photo By Ginger Van Hook©2011

Tom LaBonge holds up the Certificate of Recognition presented to
the 2011 Los Angeles Art Show at the opening ceremonies January 19, 2011.
The certificate is signed by three of the major supporters of the Los Angeles Arts Month,
Tom LaBonge Councilman 4th district, Eric Garcetti President of the LA City Council
and the Mayor, Antonio R. Villaraigosa.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2011

From Rembrandt to Ruscha And Beyond.
Painting, Sculptures, Works on Paper, Photography, Video
and over 100 Prominent Galleries from around the Globe
celebrate LA ARTS Month
in Los Angeles at the Downtown Los Angeles Convention Center
in WEST HALL A located at
1201 South Figueroa Street Los Angeles, California 90015
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2011
Shelley Liu and Priscilla Liang announce the program at the
opening ceremonies for the LA ART SHOW
January 19, 2011. Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2011

Shelley Liu and Priscilla Liang with ICN TV Network.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2011

Standing in front of Flora Kao's Ghost Grove,
Alexandra and a group of artists wearing white overalls
 conducted interviews about a project they were working
on with the J. Paul Getty Museum.
She asked attendants if they were in Los Angeles
involved in the art scene between 1945- 1980's
and to recount a story about artwork that inspired them.

Melissa Pugash, Peter Mays and Nancy Kaye
representing the Los Angeles Art Association and Gallery 825
discuss the billowing fabric of GHOST GROVE,
an installation by Flora Kao featured
at the LA ART SHOW in the Downtown Los Angeles Convention Center.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2011
Flora Kao with her husband Justin Warerooke.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2011

Flora Kao with Photographer Ginger Van Hook.
Photo by Luke Van Hook @ 2011.

Melissa Pugash with Peter Mays support Flora Kao's Ghost Grove
presented by LAAA and Gallery 825
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2011
Flora Kao, Melissa Pugash and Peter Mays.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2011
David Datuna prepares to throw more dishes in his installation
 entitled CHAOTIC PAST
featured at the LA ART SHOW January 19, 2011.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook

Preparing the meals for the throngs of art lovers attending the LA ART SHOW
at the LA Convention Center Downtown,
the Executive Chef Brett Lewis pauses for a photo.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2011

Louis Stern with Louis Stern Fine Art Gallery in West Hollywood promotes the artists
at the LA ART SHOW during the opening reception on January 19, 2011.
Photo By Ginger Van Hook©2011

Richard David Sigmund Fine Art Sculptor
exhibits his work at the LA ART SHOW January 19th, 2011
Project Space i213
 "Stupa": noun: a  usually dome-shaped structure (as a mound)
serving as a Buddhist shrine; meditation support symbolizing the formless body
of the Buddha and the essential structure of the cosmos.
Untitled #!, Stupas of the Body, 2010
36 x 21 x 21 inches MDF and magnamax lacquer
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2011